Nowa Nowa


Events in and around Nowa Nowa include:

Nowa Nowa Creators Market – Third Saturday of the month at the Recreation Reserve 9 am to 1 pm. To book a stall at the market, contact [email protected]

Pony Club and Adult Riding events


Past Events in Nowa Nowa

Nowa Nowa has hosted many musical acts, including:

  • Kim Churchill
  • Ally Row
  • James Abberley
  • Amber Lawrence
  • Olivia Lay
  • Sean McGuinness
  • The Dusty Minstrel
  • Raven & The Dove
  • Kristin Rule and Latin Muses at OEC
  • The Electric Empire
Amber Lawrence
James Abberley
Dusty Minstrels
Electric Empire
Ally Row
Olivia Lay
Raven and the Dove

Nowa Nowa is a beautiful family-friendly holiday destination in East Gippsland.

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